Terms & Conditions

Who we are

Our web page is: https://www.djamamusic.com and the two of us who run DJAMA are David Christner and Emma Batgerel.

Collecting data

All personal data and information you enter in the forms available on the website are stored with us indefinitely. You can contact us at any time by phone at +46 73 571 56 83 or by email at djamamusichouse@gmail.com, if you wish us to remove your personal data and information from our database. When you enter your email address to join our newsletter, or in other contexts, you agree to receive information about e.g. upcoming events, courses, activities and services via email. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions written in our newsletters.

Payment conditions

Payment for our services is made via the Swish app payment service or invoice (unless otherwise specified), in accordance with the conditions set out in the payment information. This includes payments that have been agreed (verbally or in writing) to be paid in instalments. 

Verbal or written consent

Agreements made orally or in writing (e.g. in physical meetings, email, chat conversations, video calls or via telephone) regarding bookings, payment and services that take place between you as a user/customer and us at DJAMA are legally binding and are used as a basis in the event of a dispute.


When signing up for any event/service or paying in full for both one to one and group meetings, workshops and other events you are giving your consent to honor that payment and see it through, to the full payment without refund or termination of contract.

The reviews given by past clients and results promised by DJAMA, are only examples of past results and the potentials the program offers each person is responsible for achieving their own results and these testimonials cannot be promised as guaranteed results for all clients. Each client’s results will vary based on their own comprehension and openness for the group content.

Clients results are subject to variations based on personal experience. 

All content given in these meetings, services or programs may not be copied or replicated for resale in anyway, any content recordings may not be shared with anyone other than the person responsible for joining their own program or service. David and Emma at DJAMA are not psychologists and are not offering official diagnoses in anyway, any information they seeks to provide for you is subject to their own opinion solely. If you wish to receive professional psychological assistance, please do so.

David and Emma at DJAMA agrees that your information will be confidential and that any group member or team member including David and Emma, that you work with in these meetings, workshops, events or programs reserves the right for you to also keep all personal information confidential for them.

Code of Conduct

Clients must conduct themselves in a way that is conducive to David’s and Emma’s safety and well-being, any sexual harassment, excessive aggression towards David or Emma,  or unwillingness to work with them (desire to let them help you and make the session/partnership work) within the context of your session/partnership will not be tolerated and under these circumstances David and Emma reserves the right to terminate your session without refund at any point, David and Emma also reserve the right to identify when they feel this is happening and to act accordingly.

Contact information

Once you have completed your booking/payment of our services, please be sure to check your inbox for your booking receipt/confirmation, which contains important details about your session or ordered service. 

Please enter the correct contact information on the booking form or other forms on the website when scheduling a session or booking a service. To avoid any confusion, it is important to check your Skype or Zoom username, email and/or phone number for any punctuation or special characters. 


All sales are final upon purchase/payment. Please make sure that you are available for the date and time that you have scheduled your appointment/workshop/event. If you need to cancel an appointment/workshop/event that you have already scheduled and purchased, you must give at least 24 hours notice prior to your original scheduled booking time in order to be eligible for a reschedule. Cancellation and rescheduling requests must be sent via email to djamamusichouse@gmail.com or davidchristner92@gmail.com or using the acuity scheduling link that you used to book your appointment/workshop/event (if any link exists).

David or Emma may also request a reschedule of any session and will seek to do so 24 hours in advance, any missed appointments or rescheduled sessions do not validate any change to your contract with David or Emma and will result only in changing the date and time of the appointment in question. 

David and Emma respect their clients time and schedules and will attempt their best to follow through with the original given appointments scheduled and will not ask for a reschedule without valid reason.

Redeeming packages and unused sessions

All discounted packages/services must be redeemed within a six month period unless otherwise agreed upon and communicated with David or Emma in advance.

Other questions

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us on telephone number +46 73 571 56 83 or by email to davidchristner92@gmail.com or djamamusichouse@gmail.com.